///MITO – “Shark Fin Design 2019” – Sunrise Orange

MITO – “Shark Fin Design 2019” – Sunrise Orange


This full-face snorkel mask from MITO allows anyone to immediately begin snorkeling without a hassle! Just put on the mask and breathe normally, either through your nose or mouth. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned veteran, you will discover the ocean like never before.

“To find the right size measure the distance between nose and chin while your mouth is closed. If the length is less than 4.8 inch, pick the S/M size. If it is more than 4.8 inch, select the L/XL size.”



We all know that the traditional way of snorkeling is to use our mouth for breathing through a tube, which forces a unnatural way of inhaling and exhaling. This is a uncomfortable feeling for anyone, especially for novice divers.

Facing this challenge, MITO’s team developed a full face snorkel mask that allows you to breathe naturally, like you would on land. Because of this, breathing slowly through your nose helps to reduce the chances of fogging, and leaves you less tired compared to the traditional snorkel equipment.


2019 Upgrade
This 2019 Upgraded version of the high quality snorkeling masks from MITO adds a couple new design options to further maximize the usability and safety. The Shark Fin design added to the front side of the mask offers less resistance, making you glide through the water more smoothly and helps stabilize your position.

With this upgrade they also added a integrated UV-filter to the lens, which helps protect your eyes against the sun rays while snorkeling.

Further more, to celebrate their new 2019 release, you now also receive a waterproof storage bag and a universal waterproof phone case. So get yourself Beach-ready with this full-face snorkel mask and order it today.


Perfect Fit
To ensure your mask will fit, you’ll first have to pick the right size. To do this, measure the distance between your nose and chin while keeping your mouth closed. If the length is less than 4 3/4 inch (12 cm), you will need the S/M size mask. In case the distance is more than 4 3/4 inch, select the L/XL size.


Smart Design
Adjustable straps combined with comfortable silicone edges make sure the mask will fit perfectly, so that no water can come in during your oceanic explorations. The integrated dry top system will also keep your breathing tube free of water, even when you decide to go for a dive into the deep.

The 180° view lens has been designed to allow for optimal undistorted visibility and maximum field of vision,, you will see more then you ever did before!


Go Pro
Are you looking for a way to share your underwater experience? Why not attach your action camera to your mask? This full-face snorkel mask comes with a attachable action camera mount which is easy to use. Enjoy your dive hands-free without sacrificing those magical moments. And if you do not yet have a proper waterproof action cam, we got you covered. You will find our affordable high quality action camera’s here: Water-proof Action Camera’s


Pick your Style
Our full-face snorkel masks are available in a variety of colors. Whether you want to match your beach outfit or just own your favorite color, we got you covered. Pick a color to find out which of our full-face snorkel masks fit your needs best: Deep Sea Black | Future Blue | Agate Green | Gemstone Red | Lemon Yellow | Moonlight White | Sunrise Orange | Luminous Green

Additional information

Weight1.87 lbs
Dimensions11.02 × 7.09 × 7.09 in



Full-face Snorkel Mask


Sunrise Orange


Outer Mask – Premium HD Poly Carbonate
Inner Mask – Liquid FDA Approved Silicone
Visor – High Grade HD PC Mirror Surface
Straps – Premium Solid Silicone


Full-face snorkel mask
Waterproof storage bag
Waterproof phone case

Package Weight

1.87 lbs

Package Dimensions

11.02 x 7.09 x 7.09 inch


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